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 Best Coffee Maker

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Capresso Coffee Maker Review

If you are excited by the prospect of a burr grinder then Capresso coffee maker is the brewer  for you as it will serve you well. The in-built burr grinder spins at a lower speed thus reducing or imparting less heat and preserving more aroma than blade grinding.

And yes you don't have to worry about your cat running for cover because of the noise when you press the power button to grind the beans like some..

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a two way brewer,single serve and 12 cup coffee maker all in one.This affordable, low maintenance coffee maker brings convenience, simplicity, options and class to the table.

So whether you just want a standard cup size or a travel mug all you have to do is switch to single serve side. If you're entertaining guests simply switch to the 12 cup capacity size carafe side and watch this...

Zojirushi Coffee Maker Review

If you're looking for a machine with bell & whistles then this Zojirushi coffee maker will serve you well. 10 cup capacity water reservoir, stainless-steel thermal carafe, programmable settings, pause and serve, auto shut-off and all.

I mean everything modern technology in coffee machines has to offer is found within this automatic Zojirushi coffee maker. Although the company says the Zojirushi fresh brew coffee maker is a 10 cup...

KitchenAid Coffee Maker Review

When I first encountered the KitchenAid coffee maker I fell in love with the looks. I commend the manufacturer for going an extra mile to create this well thought out designed coffee maker, with its unique looks and variety of colors to choose.You will never be limited for options. Okay, enough with the looks.

We know great coffee cannot be delivered by great looks. Yes, looks are important and have their place especially on your kitchen counter...

Bunn Coffee Maker Review

Get a Bunn Coffee Maker velocity brewer if you want to experience great tasting coffee like you've never experienced before.

The company prides itself with over 40 years of service to perfect their coffee brewing system that delivers great tasting coffee.With a styled-reservoir this home brewer can make up to 10 cups of coffee in just under 3 minutes top and still keeps the hot water available for others...

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