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DeLonghi Coffee Maker

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DeLonghi Kmix Drip Coffee Maker

If you love simplicity without the high tech gizmos then this Delonghi Coffee Maker Kmix will not disappoint in terms of quality and performance. It will deliver you great cups of coffee without hustle. This magnificent iconic coffee maker, an artistic masterpiece will grace your kitchen counter or office and comes in two different sizes; the 5 cup and the 10 cup respectively.  

Nine Fabulous Colors To Choose From

In a combination of beauty and functionality you'll be spoilt for choice where colors are concerned. In a compact size and artistic design the DeLonghi Kmix comes in nine fun and fabulous colors to choose from. This will definitely infuse your kitchen with life and spruce it up. After all, its the most popular room in the house.

Stainless Steel


Delonghi are know for their excellent craftsmanship and features and this coffee maker is no exception. Made from the highest quality material and long lasting durable die-cast aluminum exterior this coffeemaker with a combination of beauty and functionality is a must have for every coffee lover.......


 I found out that the best place to place the machine is on top of the counter rather than in a cabinet because its easier to fill water and your coffee. As you can see in the image, the whole silver door opens way back to its hinges. This would be hard to function under or in a cabinet. This Delonghi coffee maker comes with either a 10 cup or 5 cup water reservoir located behind the unit depending on which one of the two you buy plus a metal mesh filter basket which you can remove if you prefer to use a paper filter.


Simple on the outside but the technology inside is unmatched. With a great shower head that is going to evenly wet your coffee, the DeLonghi Kmix is capable of producing hot water at the optimal brewing temperatures. This model has a thermal jet heat control and a heater plate with two hour shut/off function to keep your coffee hot for a long time.

Other Benefits

With a simple on/off switch to power the machine, you will also find integrated in this drip coffee maker is a cup warmer (the silver plate on top of the door) You don't want to pour yourself a cup a coffee in a cold cup for this will lower the temperature of the coffee drastically.

On a lighter note other people say that the DeLonghi Kmix brews coffee so fast that the cup warmer lacks enough time to warm the the cup. I think this is a plus considering the times that we are living in. We want things working faster.

Quality comes standard with any Delonghi coffee maker brand and this brand was not left out. With its unique looks this particular model will be in stores many years to come.

Another feature that I found interesting is the no drip brewing system where you will be able to pour a cup mid-brew without messing your kitchen top or coffee table...That's cool.

Word Of Advice

When you see an amber light blinking above the on/off switch, just know its time to descale
the machine. You can do this by buying one of the cleaners or run 6 cups or so of vinegar through the machine followed by a few full pots of water to rinse out. You'll be good to go once you press the small amber light until the the light stops blinking.

Overall Ratings: 4.1/5

By the time of publishing this article this DeLonghi coffee maker - Kmix was enjoying an excellent rating. Out of the 83 reviewed 72 gave this machine a thumbs up.